New Ecovillage & Farm to be built in Siwa, Egypt

Where nature and comfort meet

In the Siwa Oasis, Marcelia al-Salam is currently building a new unique Ecovillage & Farm. Covering an area of more than 12 acres, the ecovillage will offer the ideal place to recharge your energies and experience the best of nature. The ecovillage is located near a peaceful lake and is located about 45 minutes away from the old town of Siwa.

The surroundings of our ecovillage will focus on protecting and restoring the environment and biodiversity in the area. Our gardens, mud houses, and geodesic domes aim to balance buildings and the environment perfectly. Our gardens will be filled with native plants and trees and with an idyllic landscape as a backdrop, you’ll be able to find peace and serenity.

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In collaboration with Foresteer, we plan to plant and maintain an estimated 200K trees. To do this, we’re looking for motivated, nature-loving and environmentally-conscious people. If you’re interested in joining the community and volunteering at our ecovillage & farm, please contact us. We accept up to 5 volunteers at a time. Please note that as a volunteer you must be conversational in English and/or Arabic. Join us for a unique experience and integrate into local, Siwa life!

With the help of Foresteer, we are planning to plant and maintain around 200K trees on the Marcelia land. Have a look at the Foresteer shop if you’d like to donate trees to our project.

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The Wonders of the Tamarix Trees at Marcelia 

Our connection with nature is our priority and we have the utmost respect for the Siwa’s environment. On the Marcelia land, there are quite a few, old Tamarix trees. In line with our goal, we do not cut them, preserve them and make sure to work around them at all times.

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Transportation Between Siwa and Cairo

The Siwa Oasis is located about 750 km from Cairo and about 320 km from Marsa Matruh. You might wonder if it’s worth it to travel this distance? The answer is: absolutely yes. Other than enjoying the beautiful nature and landscapes, there are a lot of other activities and viewpoints.

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Places To Stay in Siwa

Talist Siwa is an eco lodge that provides it’s guests accommodation huts, swimming pools, a relaxing lounge, free private parking, and a restaurant with an external terrace. It’s a family-owned business and located around 100 m from the natural Siwa Salt Lake.

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