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New Ecovillage to be built in Siwa, Egypt

Marcelia-al-Salam is currently building a new eco-village located only 45 minutes driving away from the old town in Siwa. The ecovillage aims to be fully developed in early 2023. Covering an area of more than 12 acres, the new ecovillage will have watersports facilities, a pool, a beach, walkways to access the lake, and beach buggies as well as several cycling paths among the Siwa nature.

The Marcelia-al-Salam project will be developed in several stages. The first stage should be concluded at the end of 2022 and includes a set of 5-8 geodesic domes and, through Foresteer’s sponsoring, the planting of  200,000 trees. The second stage should be concluded in early 2023 and includes a fully functional ecovillage seeking to reach a zero-carbon footprint.


Connected to Nature

Our connection with nature is our priority and we have the utmost respect for the Siwa’s environment. Therefore, we are taking all environmental and sustainability best practices into account. We reduce our ecological footprint through energy efficiency, waste management, recycling of organic matter (composting), and the use of biodegradable products.

Our Goals are:


Help Foresteer Plant trees


Improve biodiversity


Offer a place to stay where nature and comfort meet


Help you to enjoy what Siwa and the desert have to offer

What work still needs to be done

We currently have an 8-meter-wide yurt and a few tents. We are now preparing to achieve the following around September/October 2022:

Join us

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