Discover Marcelia al-Salam

A story carved by nature

Feeling unfulfilled with the treadmill existence of western life and a passion for being environmentally sustainable, our founder embarked on a journey and was blessed to find the Siwa Oasis. Siwa offers the perfect balance of homely comforts and mother nature.

‘a passion for being environmentally sustainable’


From the start, we have aimed to develop our eco-resort in harmony with nature in order to preserve the natural beauty of Siwa. We cleared out the property of trees that were ill to make place for an intensive food forest. We organically grow coconuts, dates, olives, mango, mulberries, pears, strawberries, etc. Also lot’s of herbs and vegetables.We don’t use chemical fertilizers or pesticides and choose to work in harmony with nature.

Our Team

Marwa, a local Egyptian, Marcel, and our workers joined forces to make Marcelia-al-Salam a success. Their vision was to design the eco-resort as a working model of sustainability and a community to help green the desert in Egypt. A beautiful place, where the lakes of Siwa meet the green. But the true team that makes Marcelia al-Salam really run, is our dedicated staff and their kindness.

About us


Help Foresteer Plant trees


Create nurseries for new seedlings and saplings


Host a local and international community


Offer a space for visitors to enjoy nature, animals, and clean air


Educate about planting in the desert


Create more organic food


Use only solar energy


Help visitors enjoy what Siwa has to offer

Current Status

What we have achieved so far

Roadmap 2022

Part of our to-do list for this year

Updated July 1st 2022